Sometimes it is easier to imagine what a place looks like if one can compare it to a similar known place in his home country. I am referring in particular to climate and physical appearance of the locale. Here is my take on several cities in Chile and what cities seems like them (to my recollection) elsewhere.

Zapallar = Carmel, California (or maybe Santa Barbara)

Ovalle (south entrance outskirts) = Grand Junction, Colorado

Chile Chico = Bend, Oregon or maybe Sunnyside, Washington

Coyhaique = Has a sense of Yosemite about it

Talca = Fresno

Curicó = Stockton, California

Los Angeles = Red Bluff, California

Coastal 7th Region (Counstitución south) = Marin County, California

Viña del Mar area = coastal Southern California

Las Tacas (south of Coquimbo) = the best resort in Cabo San Lucas

Temuco down to Puerto Mont = Willamette Valley, Oregon up to Olympia, Washington

Puerto Aysen = Juneau, Alaska, Sitka or some coastal inlet in British Columbia

Arica inland agricultural areas = any southwestern USA location with a river (e.g. the Colorado)

Puerto Natales = far north in British Columbia where a river meets the inlets to the sea

Santiago = Bakersfield with a Colorado Springs backdrop

Puerto Guadal = the same Alps view from Lausanne, Switzerland on steroids

Cerro Castillo = Pueblo, Colorado

Playa la Virgen (near Copiapó) = Greek Island, Key West, Florida or Destin, Florida in a cove with turquoise water and white sandy beaches, without any significant population nearby or services either