NOTE: This book is now outdated. Please go to the EAN Resources page for the current version.

ExpatToChileDr. Cobin’s Expatriates to Chile: Topics for Living, sequel to Life in Chile: A Former American’s Guide for Newcomers, adds even further depth on important topics to expatriates who either live in Chile already or who have Chile on the short list of countries where they hope to immigrate. The book deals with crucial issues pertaining to urban and rural real estate transactions, natural disasters, issues pertaining to emigration and its urgency, money and the quality of life, medical care and insurance, business opportunities, social manifestations (including welfare state and divorce policy concerns), Chile in the freedom indices, social maladies (lying, cheating, stealing and murder), as well as discussion of a few places worth visiting and some further comments about Santiago.

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A personal note from the author:

Living in Chile has been a tremendous blessing to me. It’s not only getting away from the encroaching draconian government in the U.S., though that’s certainly a factor. It’s a lifestyle one can only appreciate through experiencing it. Day to day life is just simpler. One can focus on the important things in life like family, friends and church instead of constantly having to dot legislative I’s and cross all the T’s demanded by the tax system in the land of the free.

No place is perfect. But I’m convinced that Chile is the best country in the world to call home. The scenery is beautiful. The climate is amazing. And the people are truly wonderful. It’s my sincere desire that this resource helps you see the blessings and challenges of moving to Chile more clearly. And I look forward to helping facilitate your move if you can use my services.

John Cobin