Buy a chunk of paradise 32km from Simon Black’s Sovereign Valley Farm

***produce agricultural and forest products***


Price USD$4,950,000

1,000 hectares (2,470 acres)

12% irrigated cropland (about 300 acres)

24% with a 10% slope or less that can be irrigated (about another 600 acres)

28% with a 20% slope or greater that is not much use for agriculture (other than perhaps fruit and hut trees) but is good for home sites and animals

36% forest


Comes with big farmhouse, stables, corral, storehouses and 6 smaller houses for workers, etc.

1. The pine trees have been harvested and thus there is presently no valuable timber awaiting exploitation.

2. There is nothing currently planted.

3. Each additional water right share costs about USD$4,000, and up to 40 more shares may be acquired.

4. The farm and land are located about 32km from Simon Black’s Sovereign Valley Farm, near San Rafael and with easy access to Route 5 that runs through Chile north to south, and one does not have to go through the “2nd World” city of Talca to get to the property.

5. The owner’s home is 1,400m2 (15,000 sq. ft.) but requires repairs lingering since the 2010 earthquake.

6. There is no deep water well drilled.

7. The irrigation lagoon is 1.5 hectares in surface area size (3.7 acres), which is used to store the canal water taken.


The ranch house is huge but it is made of adobe and thus quite damaged. I can either be demolished or repaired since it is quite beautiful and large.

The setting is very picturesque and closer to Santiago than Simon’s place.

Bring your offer. With the work that’s needed on the buildings, you should be able to get this for less. We’ll assist in getting you the best price.


Download the information pack here INFORMACION FUNDO LITU


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