Dear Expatriate-at-Heart,

I’m excited to be able to offer this new membership service. As information and technology have grown, so has the opportunity to share about the amazing country of Chile. This membership also facilitates the provision of resources and information for those in-between the investigation and preparation stages of expatriation.

By offering these membership options I’m able to provide much more than the services and books you’ll receive. As a member you will have access to others who are truly serious about Chile. This avoids trolls and others who tend to stir up forums, leaving only those who’ve taken serious steps to at least investigate immigration to Chile. By providing this feature, like-minded individuals will be able to network, plan and hopefully enter into lifelong relationships, whether friendships, business partners or something more.

It’s my sincerest desire to do all I can to help make your transition to Chile successful. And it’s my hope that years from now you’ll be able to reflect on how Escape America Now was a blessing to you as you embarked on a new and life-changing journey.

Once you’ve used my residency services, you will receive a Escape America Now membership for as long as we’re able to offer it. Those who use my consulting service will automatically receive the EAN Premium Membership. If you have already contracted me for residential or consulting services, this membership is already yours. Please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the administrators of this site in order to set up your membership. 

Thank you for your continued interest in Chile, and for the opportunity to assist you as you investigate and hopefully expatriate to this wonderful country.

John Cobin

Escape America Now Membership

For $99.99 per year this membership includes:
  • Access to the Escape America Now archives
  • Access to the members only forums where you can interact and network with other members and expats.
  • A complementary copy of Chile: A Primer for Expats
  • Other resources as they’re made available
  • $250 off residency services (those who use the residency services receive Premium memberships)
  • 25% off EAN Premium membership (see below)
  • While he’ll visit these forums occasionally, this membership does not provide direct access to Dr. Cobin. Direct access requires contracting him through his consulting page or EAN Premium membership, as offered below.
$99.99 per year.

EAN Premium Membership

Receive bonus books when you sign up for EAN Premium Membership – while supplies last. See below.

This is a service offered for a one-time fee of $999.99. It includes everything provided in the Escape America Now membership plus the following:
  • Access to a premium section of the forums
  • Additional resources, including e-books on libertarianism, tax structures, asset protection, expatriation, etc
  • Dr. Cobin’s exhaustive book on Chile, Life in Chile
  • Entire fee can be applied toward Escape America Now consulting services
    • Fee can be divided between different consulting services
    • Includes real estate services
    • Up to $500 can be applied toward residency services (the balance could still be applied to other services)
  • Dr. Cobin will interact directly in these forums, as time allows
  • 50% off initial consultation with Dr. Cobin. Read more here.
  • Additional resources as they become available.
  • As long as supplies last, copies of both of Dr. Cobin’s books on public policy

BONUS #1 – Receive both of Dr. Cobin’s books on public policy, Theology of Public Policy and Bible and Government. Few understand the insidious nature of the state and public policy from a biblical perspective better than Dr. Cobin. Christians and non-Christians alike will benefit from being informed regarding what the Bible really says about the Christian’s relationship to the state. These will be available to EAN Premium Members as long as supplies last.


BONUS #2 – As long as supplies last, you will also receive a “like new” unread copy of an investing classic, 100 to 1 in the Stock Market by Thomas Phelps, when you sign up as a Premium Member. Acclaimed as one of the best books written on long-term investing, this work sadly has been out of print for years. Today new copies can bring over $500, with used ones bringing around $100. Receive your “like new” unread copy today as a bonus for becoming an EAN Premium Member.

EAN Premium Membership is $999.99 for life. There are no additional subscription or upkeep fees.