My staff and I will be happy to help you get settled-in efficiently and in a tailor-made manner that meets your specific needs and criteria. The initial consultation fee is US$1,000. My daily consulting rate of US$1,000 has been described as “cheap” by many people considering the information and helpful services they receive.

Whether you use my consulting or not, please avail yourself of the “free” information through this blog. I also am able to offer my books on Chile, which give a wealth of information for a relatively small price – especially considering the vast costs of moving overseas. Hence, even those who do not retain me as a consultant can obtain great benefit.

The EAN Membership service is another step you can take toward learning more about Chile. Members have access to the EAN forums, now somewhat outdated the Chile: A Primer for Expats book, other resources and the monthly EAN webinar with me. If you’re considering my consulting services, you should investigate the EAN Premium Membership as well.

If you’re interested in consulting directly with me regarding immigration or other services in Chile, the initial consultation fee of $995 will be necessary before scheduling an interview. I can accept the following forms of payment.

  • MoneyGram or Western Union (at many USA grocery stores) to John Macarewich Cobin (complete with no misspellings), Viña del Mar, Chile, is the best means of payment.
  • Bitcoin – Due to BTC volatility, there is a 4.9% handling fee. Contact us if you prefer this option, or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Paypal – We have to charge a little more through PayPal due to international fees and possible exchange charges. After you’ve made your US$1049 PayPal payment, you should be forwarded to a page where you provide your information. An email linking to the page should arrive in your mailbox as well. 

Feel free to use this form as well, but only after you’ve made your payment. I”ll get back with you to schedule your appointment as soon as your payment has been verified.


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I look forward to discussing the opportunities Chile offers and assisting you in your pursuit of a freer life.

Dr. John Cobin

If you’re ready to speak with Dr. Cobin you may wish to consider the EAN Premium membership. It includes his monthly webinars, premium forum access, his books on Chile and two hours of consultation. Please see the Escape America Now Membership page for more details.