I have never once before now (in nearly 24 years of Chilean residence) suggested that it might be time to leave Chile or that the USA is actually a better place to be right now than Chile. I could not have said so even a week ago. However, what has happened over the last few days (and so quickly) changes things. Exit options need to be considered. Plan B passports need to be dusted off. Other countries need to be looked at.

Nevertheless, there are still some historical and other reasons to be optimistic and stay in Chile. Any country can be attacked and needs to defend itself. There is evidence that such has happened in Chile with undercover Venezuelans and communists from the Sao Paulo Forum. That scenario, if true, does not mean you should stick around while the problem gets fixed but it does mean that you might consider leaving for a long vacation and then coming back after the evildoers are gone. Lots of options to look at.

There is no guarantee of lasting freedom anywhere and thus no reason to regret having come to Chile. Things change. I have stated for years that it could change in Chile, too. Perhaps things will blow over in a week and we can all get back to normal. Perhaps not. Either way it is good to talk option about self-defense in country, expectations, and exit alternatives.

I have always been a straight shooter about Chile and today’s meeting will provide honest analysis of our current situation in Chile and what you and others, especially expats, should consider doing. Join us! The call is limited to 100 callers, so make sure to get there on time. The call will remain open for as long as people come and join, even a few hours if necessary. So even if you get this message late, try to join in. It will be recorded on YouTube as well under Partido Independencia. Here is the link and other info for those outside of the country.


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