One of the best things about the Piñera presidential victory of 2017 is that the Left’s desire to replace the Chilean Constitution is now dormant again. This relief is a great mercy to people that love liberty, since the Left is a far greater threat to freedom in Chile than the Right. Indeed, the Left is downright dangerous.

The Left wants to do many scurrilous things: nationalize all waterways, grant indigenous people special rights, bring in many of the horrendous modern -ismsand political correctness commonplace in the Northern Hemisphere, and install a welfare state. And the Left has vowed to continue pushing for their constitutional agenda during Piñera’s term.

However, let us bear in mind that the best that constitutions can do is to limit the vicious evil that the state can inflict upon people living in the territory over which it rules. We still live in feudal times and those that want liberty, as well as those who want Chile to be even freer than it is, must continually seek to reduce the size of government, lower taxes and replace government regulation with market-based regulation. Public policy is not a good way to improve our quality of life. Stealing from some to give to others does not make for greater cooperation, friendliness and civility in society, or make nearly everyone wealthier over time. Instead, it creates rancor and class warfare. There is no justice to be found in a society based on theft, envy, hatred and statism.

Judging from that “purist” sense, I would have to say that the Chilean 1980 Constitution is “bad.” Nevertheless, I would choose it hands-down as a far lesser evil compared to anything the Left might foist upon me, beleaguering the entire populace with its hackneyed, debilitating, harmful and anti-capitalist ideology. Do not let down your guard; the scoundrels are at the door.

John Cobin, Ph.D. Twitter

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