It’s no big surprise that when people expatriate from the country of their birth they bring along traditions and cultural nuances. When it comes to Chile, the result is quite a mix. With the various influences from Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia (not to leave out South America), you can find just about everything in Chile. Of course, you might not find exactly what you’re looking for in order to create the feast of your ancestors, but with a bit of creativity and imagination, you should be able to come pretty close.

One tradition that can be held onto from the US is Thanksgiving. And we see many American expats here celebrating in their new country. While the US is a far cry from the freedom the Puritans sought when arriving at Plymouth Rock, many of the ideals we’re pursuing are the same. They left confinement for freedom – oppression for opportunity.

As the US increasingly embraces fascism and the police state grows in power, it becomes ever more apparent that it is not the place for those who embrace libertarian ideals. Reflecting upon these things, I’m very thankful to be in Chile. To say that a load was lifted off my shoulders when I left the US for the last time would be an understatement.

There are some similarities to the reasons the Pilgrims left Europe for America. And it is these pursuits of freedom and a desire to offer a setting where people can concentrate on the important things in life rather than the onerous laws and regulations that hang over American heads 24/7, that have resulted in my residency and consultancy services, Red Hot Chile radio show and, more recently, Freedom Orchard.

I’m also grateful to you for being a part of my life in Chile. It’s been a blessing to share my insights with readers from around the world and help many embrace Chile as their new home. And your notes of encouragement reveal that what we’re doing here is certainly needed. As an added encouragement, the new newsletter format we offer has grown our mailing list by almost 50% since it started!

As an expression of my gratitude to faithful readers like you, I’m offering my books on Chile at a 25% discount through this coming weekend. My residency services are discounted 10% as well.

We’ve made it very easy for you to access these discounts. Simply visit our “Thanksgiving Special” page and input the password, “ThankYou.” The page will open up with all your discounted opportunities available. In case your browser removes the link, the page is –

All you need to do is click on the payment link and make your payment through PayPal. Once you’ve made your payment, the page will reveal a contact form where the button was. Fill this out and your book will be sent to the email address you use in the form within minutes of when you press “Send.” The discounts are already applied.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. And please pass this on to those you think might be interested in Chile.