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LivingInChileDr. Cobin’s Living in Chile: Key Details of History, Culture, Politics, and Places for the Serious Immigrant, sequel to Expatriates to Chile: Topics for Living, adds to my other Chile books with more details of key importance to people living in the country and dealing with politics, and wanting to know the history and culture of the country better.  The travel and places section (chapter 8) compliments the previous volumes but including other spots of importance to immigrants. These details about Chile will help an expatriate make informed decisions about living in his new country. Besides the detail about daily living, this book provides more of an historical and philosophical basis for what Chile is all about, as well as more specific and actionable items that one can use for a job search, voting, political activism, retirement location, language learning and cultural conditioning.

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A personal note from the author:

I speak with authority when I say that Chile, despite its ongoing problems, is the top destination for libertarians with traditional family values—especially those that cannot afford to live on an island, Singapore, Hong Kong or a European enclave like San Marino, Liechtenstein or Andorra.

I am quite certain that the reader will come away from this book better prepared to take his stand in Chile—what some consider being the libertarian’s current day Alamo. And I look forward to helping facilitate your move if you can use my services.

John Cobin