DSC01542Are you interested in finding a property in Chile?

Whether you’re looking for a home, rental house, farm or simply a summer or ski getaway, our experienced staff can help you find the property of your dreams. We’ll put our team to work on your behalf to scour the country and to negotiate the best price the market will bear. If you’re not ready to buy, we’ll put the same expertise to work finding you the perfect rental.

As you may be aware, the search process in Chile is very different than the United States or Europe.

  • There is no Multiple Listing Service
  • Prices can sometimes double at the seller’s discretion.
  • Such price hikes are especially true when a “gringo” face is presented as the buyer.

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We have two team members, José Antonio (an attorney with agriculture background) and Ricardo O. (agriculture background), who help in the search process. They will negotiate on your behalf for $500 per day plus expenses.

P1040124Dr. Cobin is available to personally search on your behalf and show properties for his standard consulting fee of $1,000 per day, plus expenses. These may include, but are not limited to, hotel, light meals and travel expenses.

P1040106Depending upon your criteria, expect the search for just the right property (or properties) to take about 5 to 10 days (possibly shorter for rentals). These charges for the search process should perhaps end up costing about 1% of the estimated purchase price – a small investment for the value of the research and savings from having our experience in your court.

We currently have team members in Chile’s two main cities, Santiago and Viña del Mar, who can serve as your personal cultural guides. They are available to show properties, introduce you to their city or otherwise provide customized tours for $299 per day, plus expenses. Other areas of the country can be shown with advance arrangements.


Daily Rates (Buyers and Renters):Imagen0473

US$1,000 for Dr. Cobin, plus expenses

US$500 for property research team members, plus expenses

US$299 for cultural guide team members, plus expenses

Standard Commission:

At closing, there will be the standard commission of 5% of the sale price, payable in cash, to be paid by the buyer. If the seller agrees to pay a portion of the commission (generally up to 2%), which is almost always the case, it will be deducted from your fee.

Registrations and/or Official Copies:

These are generally small, depending on how many documents you want for water, regulations, etc. Normally, documents run less than $50 each. Soil sample testing can be much more.

Legal Fees:

We also have team members (led by José Antonio) to handle all of the preliminary legal and title issues for you. This is a necessity in Chile due to many historical and ongoing factors that can affect titles. DSC01525Failing to perform the proper search and file the necessary legal documents could cost a buyer massive amounts of money. Should you chose to use them, the fees for this service are in addition to any other fees.


Private appraisal services are available as well. This charge is separate and might run a couple thousand dollars. In the end, the settlement lawyer you choose will have everything needed for a title search and closing documents.

Dr. Cobin will be your main contact throughout the process, coordinating team members and ensuring a smooth and effective transaction.Imagen0057

An advance deposit of US$1,000 will put the Escape America Now team to work for you to find your new property, whether it’s to buy or rent. We’ll begin a preliminary search and provide you with a report of some properties that fit your criteria. Based on your feedback, we will then provide an estimate of the costs to proceed and begin making arrangements to show properties in which you are interested. We can accept the following forms of payment.

  • MoneyGram or Western Union (at many USA grocery stores) to John Macarewich Cobin (complete with no misspellings), Viña del Mar, Chile, is the best means of payment.
  • Bitcoin – Due to BTC volatility, there is a 4.9% handling fee.

 Pay With Bitcoin

  • Paypal – We have to charge a little more through PayPal due to international fees and possible exchange charges. After you’ve made your US$1049 PayPal payment, you will be returned to this site. Please fill out the form on the page you’re returned to.

Please fill out the following form only after you have made your deposit. We will reply as soon as your deposit has been verified. Include such variables as what you consider “necessities” in the comment section. Feel free to include “desires” as well. Keep in mind that it is typical for Chilean properties to come without furnishings or some fixtures, though rentals often come furnished.

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If you’re ready to speak with Dr. Cobin you may wish to consider the EAN Premium membership. It includes his monthly webinars, premium forum access, all three of his books on Chile and up to a two hour consultation. Please see the Escape America Now Membership page for more details.