For the past six years I’ve been blogging on Google’s free Blogger service. At first it was an experiment and sort of a hobby. But after a while demand grew, resulting in my consulting service as well as the visa and residency service. I’ve also had the opportunity to get involved with various real estate opportunities, helping many of you acquire property here in Chile.

Eventually this grew into more opportunities such as the Red Hot Chile radio show and our newest development, Freedom Orchard. The result was that my efforts were sort of spread out, as evidenced by the several links above, without a real central hub offering the services and opportunities along with pertinent and helpful information found in the blog.

Also, while this is a labor of love, it’s really not a very profitable venture. Most of the information I’ve provided is free here on the blog, as well as on Red Hot Chile. We sell books to those serious about Chile and I get consultations that help offset the time and costs involved, but it’s really not a highly profitable venture.

In order to tick both of these boxes, as well as a few more, and offer a more convenient means for readers to access the services and books I’m able to offer, I’ve started this new site. As you can see, there’s advertising. The goal is for the advertising to offset the costs and time involved simply maintaining the site. In addition. we’ve consolidated our different services and books right here on the site. And to provide greater convenience, we’ve implemented tools that will help those of you who are interested to more conveniently initiate visa or consulting services. This helps us both out, really, by making it easier for you while providing a fairly straight forward means for me to make these services and my books available to you.

As you may have noticed recently, I’ve also set up my articles in a new newsletter service. If you’d like to receive my articles directly as they’re published, please fill out the form on the right side of this page.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading and supporting my efforts over the past five years. Your encouragement and faithfulness in reading has blessed me. Spread the word, and together we can help others see the opportunity for greater freedom that awaits them in Chile.

Dr. John Cobin