Freedom Orchard LogoIf you’ve ever heard me talk about Freedom Orchard, then you know that it’s something I’m excited and passionate about. In fact, it’s been a dream of mine for years. In our effort to pursue various developments that will help others visit, invest and live in Chile, we’re developing some land projects all under the Freedom Orchard umbrella.

First, we have some large investment opportunities. These aren’t for very many folks. But if you’re interested in pursuing or being a part of a larger project or development, please contact us with your information.

Second, we have smaller investment opportunities within each project. Perhaps you’d like to buy a group of lots and develop them yourself. Or maybe you have a group of investors that would like to buy some farms and lots. There are also many business opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to be a part of Freedom Orchard. Among these are included a precious metals storage facility, storage services, restaurants, various resort provisions, etc.4318749185_1da4814651_z

On a smaller scale one may simply wish to buy a farm for personal income. You could farm it yourself or contract Freedom Orchard Organics to do it for you in order to provide passive income. Freedom Orchard can offer everything you need to get started with your own organic farm.

And, of course, we have building lots where you can build a second home or, if you live in or are planning to move to Chile, your main residence. There are very few restrictions and a wide range of opportunities.

If you’ve listened to me on Red Hot Chile or read my blog for any amount of time, then you’re likely aware of my libertarian perspective. Because of this, and it seems that libertarian minded people comprise the majority of my readers, we expect the communities we’re developing to have many libertarian minded people. In fact, in order to help promote a freer mindset in Chile, we encourage it. However, please understand that there is no litmus test to buy in Freedom Orchard.

This brings us to our main developments underway.

Freedom Orchard

  • Freedom Orchard – Curacavi is our first project, and our flagship development. This property is in the beautiful hills between Santiago and the coast.
    • A sustainable community is part of the project, with hydroelectric lakes to help reduce utility costs.
    • With excellent water rights, the property offers excellent opportunities for farming.
    • A resort-like area complete with golf-course, lake, hotel and other amenities offers relaxation and a beautiful setting for Chilean and immigrant alike.
    • Only organic and non-GMO farming allowed.
    • We are currently offering what we call pre-sales pricing. This is based on the first 35 lots being sold, at which time the price will increase.
    • Below is a 9 minute tour of the property, hosted by Frank Szabo.

  • Freedom Orchard – Santa Cruz is our most recent project, but the one that’s farthest along.As a project that was already under development when we acquired rights to it, a sizable portion has already been subdivided.
    • New Picture 2Due to the fact that some lots were already sold before we started promoting the property, we are unable to guarantee an organic setting. However, the areas we subdivide in the future will be all organic and non-GMO.
    • We are selling these lots for a fraction of the cost of the Curacavi lots, in order to promote the project and provide more flexibility in our effort to build a resilient community within the development. Each half-hectare (1.24 acres) lot is $14,995. Lot sizes vary, so some prices might be higher accordingly.
    • The first 100 buyers of these lots will lock in pre-sales pricing on all current and future Freedom Orchard projects, regardless of what phase the development is in. They also have the opportunity to trade in these lots for other Freedom Orchard – Santa Cruz lots in the future, if desired.
  • Freedom Orchard – San Clemente is still in the idea phase, so it will likely be some time before we’re able to start offering lots for sale there. If it’s something you’re interested in helping us pursue, please contact us and share your ideas.

In addition to the Freedom Orchard site, we have a section of dedicated to Freedom Orchard as well. It’s our desire to use these forums as a means to answer questions, network and eventually devote sections for each community to interact and plan. It’s designed to be a great Chile information hub as well. Please avail yourself of this resource. There are sections dedicated to each project there; Curacavi, Santa Cruz & San Clemente. My associates and I will do all we can to make sure your questions are answered within the forums.

If you want to be kept updated on the progress of our Freedom Orchard projects, please fill out the form below. Frank Szabo will respond with additional information and keep you updated as new information becomes available.

I also want to thank you personally for your encouragement and support as we’ve pursued these projects. There have certainly been many challenges along the way, some of which will likely continue into the foreseeable future. But we know that this is something people desire to take advantage of and are looking forward to seeing grow and flourish.

John Cobin


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