In South Carolina, I was paying about $350 per month for my (no dependents) major medical policy. It had a $3,000 deductible and basically I had to pay all expenses out of pocket since I never hit the deductible. There was no copay for Dr. visits. So I was basically paying a lot to insure against a “big hit”.

In Chile, since there are no malpractice insurance costs or ambulance-chasing lawyers to speak of, major medical insurance is far more affordable. A plan for me in Chile costs $125 per month and pays 90% of a Dr. visit at any of the best hospitals in Chile plus 100% of all hospitalization ahould I ever need it.

You have to complete a “Declaracion de Salud” (application) to see if you qualify.

I had blood work done to show a panel of blood biochemistry and cholesterol-related stuff. The cost of of pocket (since I do not have insurance yet) was about $28. Dr. visits run $30 to $75. All care is very clean and professional. Very impressive overall.

Prescriptions are not needed in Chile except for narcotics and pharmacies offer medicine at prices somewhat lower than the USA in my experience.

Make sure you bring your USA medical records with you to Chile.