Escape America Now continues to strive to be a more full-service expat consulting service as need and opportunity continues to grow. To this end, we’re constantly adjusting services to help readers gain valuable insights into Chile and the challenges that immigration here presents. These additions include both free and premium content. We are confident that these will help serve you better and provide options that will appeal to a wider audience. The breakdown in our services are as follow:

Free Services

  • The Escape America Now Blog and Newsletter

Since 2008 I’ve been writing down insights I’ve gained from experiencing the challenges of immigration to Chile in my blog. These articles serve to help provide insights into what Chile offers, challenges moving here can pose and the incredible blessings I’ve found in this beautiful and wonderful country. More recently my articles have been offered in a newsletter format. If you’d like to receive these, please fill out the form in the right sidebar. The articles will then be sent directly to your inbox.

  • The Red Hot Chile Radio Show on the Overseas Radio Network

This was a weekly show where I shared insights, news, observation, events and anything else I might pick up along the way. The topics varied throughout the show, including anything from regular slang words in Chile to political interests to new opportunities. Ownership of ORN changed in 2014, resulting in the end of the show. We have been unable to find archives since. Please let us know if you run across any of them.

  • The Red Hot Chile Video

Beginning in 2013 we started recording video of our Red Hot Chile radio show. We’ve taken excerpts from the show according to topics in order to provide a more personal experience and insights according to specific topics. To see the archives, please visit the Red Hot Chile Video category.

Premium Services

  • Books on Chile & Libertarian Thought

These include my exhaustive book about Chile as well as other books I’ve written about libertarian ideals and political interests. For those considering Chile or who would like to learn more, the books on Chile provide valuable insights from my experiences as an American who’s navigated the waters of a new culture and can help others avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. You can start slow with the Primer on Chile or jump into the comprehensive, Life in Chile. More details can be found on the Order Books page.

  • Dr. Cobin’s Monthly Chile Webinars

This project was born as it became apparent that there was a large gap between those who were willing to buy the books and those ready to pay for Dr. Cobin’s consulting services. Once a month, usually the last Saturday, Dr. Cobin will host a webinar on a given topic, offering subscribers the opportunity to ask questions.

While response among members was good, it didn’t draw enough interest to justify the time and expense. We decided to drop it in early 2018, but many of the shows are archived in the forums.

  • Residency & Immigration Services

While it is certainly possible to work through the paperwork and jump through the bureaucratic hoops on your own, it’s also possible that you could end up paying much more because of one simple mistake than you’d pay us to help take the stress out of the process. How much that stress is worth is up to you as an individual. But if you would like to put our insights and experience in your corner, we’d welcome the opportunity to help transition you into your new residency. Please see our Residency & Immigration pages, also accessible in our menu.

Those who use this service receive Escape America Now membership as well, providing access to the members only forum and a copy of Chile: A Primer for Expats.

  • Personal Consultation with Dr. Cobin

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a personal touch and/or there are special needs or concerns that can be best dealt with individually, rather than through a group, book or the other services offered here. If you desire to speak with Dr. Cobin personally, one-on-one consultation services are offered to discuss any topic you need help with, whether it’s financial insights, expatriation/immigration services, real estate search and/or transaction or any other assistance you may need.

In addition. Dr. Cobin is available to personally meet with you, provide transportation and guide you through your pursuits in Chile. Please go to the Chile Consultation page in order to set up your initial interview.

Those who use this service automatically become members. This includes the features of the Escape America Now membership, Dr. Cobin’s books on Chile and access to a premium forum to provide opportunity to network with other expats and receive additional content. You can read more about these features on the membership page.

  • Platinum Relocation & Tour Package

This is Escape America Now’s most ambitious project to date. And, admittedly, it’s not for everyone. But for those who can afford this service and really want a full service introduction to the scope and breadth of Chile, nothing compares to the Escape America Now Platinum Relocation & Tour Package.

Imagine being met at the airport and whisked away by an informative and helpful chauffer, being taken straight to your prearranged hotel. There you can rest, unpack, stretch or do whatever it is you need to do before beginning your tour.

If you’re ready to start your residency process, one of our very knowledgeable staff will meet with you to begin the needed paperwork. This can often be accomplished at your hotel, with minimal need for you to be present for the paperwork.

For the next few weeks you’ll be taken north, to see the more arid part of Chile, then south to the lake district. Your tour will include key cities and information about what each region has to offer. Part of your tour will include Santiago, Viña del Mar and much of the more popular 5th region. Services also include assistance in locating an apartment, consulting time and an array of premium options to choose from or add, according to your needs and desires.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have more understanding of the length of Chile than many Chileans. And you’ll have a much better idea of exactly what you’d prefer to do in regard to business and living in Chile. Please see more on our Platinum Relocation & Tour Package page.

  • Real Estate Services

One of the many challenges of learning a new culture is figuring out how to purchase property or find a good rental. It was out of this need that the Escape America Now Real Estate services were born.

This is more than simply providing listings for properties, though we include that. It’s about helping you to make the best decision possible for your circumstances.

With your input, our staff will go to work finding the best property for your situation. When you’ve narrowed down your search, we’ll help negotiate on your behalf. This helps avoid the propensity for property prices to increase once the seller realizes that a foreigner is involved.

Real estate in Chile is nothing like what it is in North America or Europe. There is no MLS, and real estate agents tend not to cooperate well. With these factors in mind, as well as laws that might affect your purchase, the price of our services will most likely be more than paid for by how much you’ll save in both negotiations and possible mistakes made by expats attempting to navigate what can be confusing property transactions in Chile. Our services are available for finding rental properties as well.

Please see the Real Estate Services page for more details.

We’re always looking for new ways we can serve the expatriate community, so if you have ideas or questions, please feel free to post them on our Red Hot Chile page. We’ll be sure to read them and consider them for future services or shows.