Details and costs for the Chile Residency Program are below. If you desire to contact Chile Consulting, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, declaring that you have duly read all the terms and conditions.

A. Program

Obtain a retiree (or real estate or stock market investor) temporary visa AND later permanent residency for US$2,995

For a retiree visa, one must show to Chilean authorities an account statement with US$100,000 minimum somewhere in the world. Note: obtaining a checking account, credit cards, mortgage and safe deposit box are more difficult with this visa program, in fact it will be nearly impossible unless one shows over a million USD to the bank.

The client pays all fees for notary services, photographs, taxis, taxes and bureaucratic charges, in addition to the basic program fees. This menas that the client will pay, in addition to our program costs, between US$0 and US$2,000 for the visa upon approval or far an optional temporary work permit when granted, depending on his country of origin. VIP airport pickup by a staff member is included but the client pays all transfer or taxi charges to go to the hotel from the airport (USD$50).

VIP service to get the client’s National ID card (carné) with RUT number after visa has been approved is included free of charge. We can also provide a temporary RUT (ID) number right away, upon request, for clients that wish to buy vehicles or real estate immediately.

All clients are entitled to reasonable, unlimited phone consultations with Dr. Cobin, or one of the program’s consultants, for one year from the date of purchase.


When you fill out the form, please indicate the following information, as applicable.

  • Please indicate the number of related adults in the party (max. 2 per fee paid): ___
  • Does each adult want his own visa instead of one being a dependent of the other? (If yes, fee is $1,500 extra): ___
  • Please indicate the number of minor children in the party (US$250 each): ___
  • Please indicate the number of elderly dependents in the party (US$500 each): ___
  • Notice: Discounted fees apply only when the additional people or dependents apply at the same time as the main applicant. Otherwise, the full program fee is charged when the second person in the party applies.


Please indicate your interests in the form during checkout:

  1. Apply for citizenship, if the client qualifies, after five years from the time that the temporary visa is stamped in the passport. US$1,995 per adult visa holder, no charge for minor dependents, since they may not qualify prior to reaching age 18 or 21.
  2. Open a checking account, mutual funds and savings accounts with bilingual branch staff US$400. Note that without substantial assets shown this could take over a year to obtain and even several months with such assets.
  3. Open tax-advantaged life insurance investment accounts US$250
  4. Help the client obtain medical insurance and ambulance coverage US$350
  5. Help the client buy and register a gun (government fees not included) US$350
  6. Help the client rent a car from a reduced-price agency US$50
  7. Help single clients hook up with a reasonable, legitimate dating service US$250
  8. Help the client wire unlimited amounts of tax-free cash to their accounts US$250
  9. Write a will for the client (notary fees not included) US$600
  10. Set up a company for the client (notary and legal fees not included) US$1,000 per company Indicate number of companies to be set up.
  11. Help the client buy Chilean gold coins US$200

Because costs have been spelled out very clearly here and we receive a lot of requests for free information, we require a $100 deposit for our Residency Program contact. The fee will be applied to your residency and visa costs. Once you’ve paid the fee through PayPal you will be returned to this site. Please fill out the pertinent information, with as much detail as possible, and one of our staff members will get in touch with you shortly.


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