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Introducing Red Hot Chile Radio Videos

Today we begin what we intend to provide as a continuous posting of videos of my Red Hot Chile radio program. Our goal will be to break the show up into shorter parts, according to the topics I discuss, and post them here for you to sort through if you’re interested. Of course, these help spread the word about Chile and promote libertarian ideals wherever they’re distributed, so please share.

Each show is aired every Friday at noon on the Overseas Radio Network. You can also listen to it right here on the site by going to the Red Hot Chile page and clicking on the red “Listen Live” button. The previous week’s show is kept in the player in the right sidebar, usually being updated on Mondays. So if you miss a show, you can generally use this tool on Monday to listen in. And, of course, there are archives of the show for you that can be found on the Overseas Radio Network site.

Receiving updates on the Red Hot Chile Radio videos will be possible in the near future. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my newsletter service by filling out the form to the right. We’ll provide instructions once we’ve made these updates available. This will be separate from my occasional vlogs (video blog), providing subscribers the opportunity to refine what they receive.

This video is a simple introduction to the show. We’ve included audio of part of the show as well, making a sample of a show available for those unfamiliar with it. I hope you enjoy it and grow to love Chile and freedom more as a result.


Red Hot Chile Video

This new feature will be starting within a few weeks. Please check back.

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