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Buying a used car in Chile

One of the drawbacks of living in Chile is the cost of used cars. Public policy has been enacted to restrict the importation of used cars. Yes, that means you will have a really hard time bringing your car to Chile. The “public interest” reason for this legislation is to reduce emissions (especially important in […]

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Airfare Special to Tacna, Peru (near Arica, Chile)

American Airlines has just announced a fare sale that can get you to northern Chile for less than it usually costs. For instance, leaving from CLT (Charlotte) on September 15, 2008, the flight to Tacna, Peru costs $1,300 per person round trip. The same itinerary leaving on October 10, 2008, costs $1,530. If you go […]

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Maps (11) of Chile: Arica down to Punta Arenas

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Learning Spanish before you go down

Americans are invariably do-it-themselves-ers who want to be as prepared as possible before taking an action. A LOT of people ask me what they can do now (in America) to learn Spanish in anticipation of going to Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, etc. I tell them all the same thing: “You can’t expect to learn Spanish […]

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Photos from the Puerto Octay region of Chile

These first and third are family shots from June 2006 across the lake from Puerto Octay. The second is a shot of Vulcán Osorno from the same spot. The fourth one is overlooking a Pacific Ocean inlet not too far away from there, down the road past Ensenada. And the last one is a photo […]

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Use American Airlines (or Lan Chile) for Flights to Chile

Why should you prefer to use American Airlines for flights to Chile? For one thing, their frequent flyer program only requires 40,000 miles (off-peak) for a ticket to Chile. Check out this link:AA Award ChartIt should be the same for Lan Chile BTW. For another thing, American is the only carrier with a partner like […]

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Short video of Arica, Chile from the harbor

Population is around 180,000 Never rains (ever): Atacama Desert Two fertile valleys via well water and other irrigation from Andes runoff. Right on Peruvian border and not far from Bolivian border (5 hours) with flamingo lake Chungara. Airport with daily flights to Iquique and Santiago Near Tacnca, Peru airport (30 mins by taxi plus time […]

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Commentary / Upcoming group trip to Chile / Latest airfares

There is a lot in this post (read all the way down)… Group Trip If you are looking to save some money, now is your opportunity. If you do not need a fully individualized plan, and are mindful of saving money on my expenses, you may be able to piggyback along with a small group […]

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Very good airfare to Chile–Special this weekend

Note from the morning after: Just for “why nots?”, I clicked the link below on Monday Aug. 11th to see what would happen. As it turns out, it still took me to the purchase page and showed airfare in abundance for $1,054.33 including tax. So even after the weekend the price only went up $73. […]

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Why Chile is a Good Choice

Are you ready to leave America for a freer, saner country? Allow me to give you some food for thought about why you might pick Chile. Take a look in the “About” section in the menu above to find out how I have helped others accomplish their goal of relocating overseas. You won’t hurt my […]

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