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Major Medical Insurance in Chile

Chile has no welfare state, in general. There is some basic medical care provided as a social “safety net” in case one needs to have a bone set. But basically if one gets really sick in Chile and does not have medical insurance he might die from his ailment. Chilean major medical coverage is provided […]

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Chilean visas and citizenship

Another question I am frequently asked pertains to obtaining a visa and/or citizenship in Chile. First, Americans and most Europeans do not need a visa to visit Chile or to own property in Chile. Tourists can enter the country and stay for 90 days with just a passport, easily extended to 180 days. Buying real […]

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Domestic Taxes in Chile

Taxes in Chile vary according to where one lives, just as they do in the USA where some tax rates are national but other taxes vary by state (e.g., state income tax, property tax, sales tax [rate], gasoline tax, inheritance tax, etc.). But here are some general guidelines for Chile: 1. Import tariff is a […]

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No passport is needed to get into Mexico

According to this article by the Phoenix Real Estate Guy, a passport is only required, or a driver’s license and birth certificate, to get back in. So escaping America over the Mexican border is still possible. Click this link for a photo of the border station in Reynosa/McAllen just west of Brownsville, Texas. Consequently, at […]

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Americans are leaving the country in droves

See this article in U.S. News and World Report about the growing trend of Americans leaving America. There are many such reports from different sources, not the least of which is the Sovereign Society which estimates that something like 300,000 Americans leave each year, either to find a second home abroad to to emigrate permanently. […]

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Lan Chile has Miami to Santiago special ($1,038)

At this link you can book a round trip flight on Lan Chile from Miami to Santiago, Chile for just $1,038.30. I entered a departure date of October 5th and a return date two weeks later.

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American Airlines special to Panamá and Costa Rica

At this link you will see the flights being offered for $158 round trip from Miami to either Panamá or Costa Rica! At that price, you cannot afford NOT to check out one or both of these places if you are serious about expatriation and have not yet made up your mind where you want […]

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Cheap places to stay in Santiago, Chile

Are you looking for an economical place to stay in Santiago? Here are some search results which list dozens of hostels and small hotels that range from $9 to $53 per night. I recommend staying in areas called Providencia or Las Condes if possible. They are convenient to everything via colectivo or metro. You might […]

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The freest, best, and sanest places in the world to live

People often ask me for my opinion about which are the freest, best and sanest places in the world. My answer is: “It depends.” It depends on whether you are financially secure or still need to work, whether you have children with social or cultural needs, whether you want to be near established churches, whether […]

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Offshore banking havens

The financial rule of thumb for ex-pats is to never live where their money is kept (other than having a local account to handle one’s living expenses). Where are some good places to keep money offshore? 1. Jersey 2. Guernsey 3. Isle of Man 4. Liechtenstein 5. Andorra 6. Panamá 7. Belize via Dominica for […]

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