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Car insurance in Chile

I don’t know what you pay for automobile insurance, but I recently paid about $625 every six months for full coverage on a 2001 Volvo S80 in the USA. That worked out to just over $104 per month. I had a deductible of $250, as I recall, for collision and comprehensive coverages. My zip code […]

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Gas prices in Chile

Regular (93 octane) gasoline currently costs about 697 pesos per liter in Santiago, or about $4.98 per gallon. I guess that is about 20% to 25% more than gasoline costs in the USA. Diesel is also more expensive than gasoline in Chile. In 1996, I remember Chilean gasoline costing about 230 pesos per liter. However, […]

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Current airfare to Chile

Columbian airline Avianca (in conjuction with American Airlines) is offering a VERY LOW round trip price of $644 from Miami to Santiago (stopover in Bogotà). Departure is October 25th and return is November 7th. Check it out on Orbitz. You can get to Miami with a reasonable one-way rental from Hertz. Lan Chile is selling […]

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Pharmaceutical Prices in Chile: Follow-up

Many of my clients and acquaintances are into alternative medicine (for good reason), and many such remedies or preventive “medicines” are available in Chile–usually at a lower cost than in the USA. One can (once in a while) see an acupuncturist’s office around town, although I have never seen a chiropractor’s office in Chile (that […]

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Cell phone service in Chile

Cell phone service is great in Chile. The two main ways one can get cell service are: 1. Buy a prepaid phone with a card (anyone visiting should do this since it is cheaper than alternatives). If you have a plan like Entel “Pablo”, and you recharge for the maximum buy-in (15,000 pesos or 28 […]

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Repairing things in Chile and Latin America

Ever had a suitcase get torn up or have a zipper broken so that you had to throw it away? Repairing it would cost more than going to Wal Mart or Target and getting a new one for $30. In Chile and other places in Latin America such things can regularly be repaired within 24-72 […]

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Cost of medical insurance in Chile

In South Carolina, I was paying about $350 per month for my (no dependents) major medical policy. It had a $3,000 deductible and basically I had to pay all expenses out of pocket since I never hit the deductible. There was no copay for Dr. visits. So I was basically paying a lot to insure […]

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Bring Your Gun to Chile?

Now that interesting question is something that I am often asked.Gun Ownership Allowed  Although gun legislation is more restrictive in Chile than in the USA, for the most part, it is possible to own a gun and use it for self-defense. Concealed carry is also possible but very unlikely for most people. Fewer than 200 people […]

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Tax Havens: Video making a case for them

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity has this video out making the case for Tax Havens. Tax Havens are good because they promote tax competition. The ability to choose in economic circumstances makes governments more accountable and more efficient and to reduce double taxation. Oppressive tax laws lead people to move money to offshore jurisdictions. […]

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Major Medical Insurance in Chile

Chile has no welfare state, in general. There is some basic medical care provided as a social “safety net” in case one needs to have a bone set. But basically if one gets really sick in Chile and does not have medical insurance he might die from his ailment. Chilean major medical coverage is provided […]

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