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A New Constitution for Chile? No!

One of the best things about the Piñera presidential victory of 2017 is that the Left’s desire to replace the Chilean Constitution is now dormant again. This relief is a great mercy to people that love liberty, since the Left is a far greater threat to freedom in Chile than the Right. Indeed, the Left is […]

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Successful Immigrants in Chilean History

Many of Chile’s most opulent figures and marvellous success stories are found in the annals of its immigrants. Today, Chile has more than its proportionate share (for its population size) of billionaires on Forbes list, and nearly all those men and their families are immigrants from Europe or the Middle East (Orthodox Christians). If those immigrants could […]

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Expansion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP): Impact on Chile

Some countries are truly bent on free international trade. Chile is one of them.On March 9, 2018, Chile signed the expanded and renewed TPP agreement, also called CPTPP—the acronym for the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. The original TPP agreement hammered out in 2016 had to be replaced by the CPTPP after the United […]

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Import Duties and Paperwork When Moving to Chile

An article from Escape America Now associate writer Jennifer Bennet… Santiago, Chile Chile is a wonderful destination, if you’re ready to escape your dreary domestic routine in America. The capital city features Mediterranean-like weather conditions, with lots of sun, low humidity and comfortable temperature levels. There’s also plenty to do and see, as the country […]

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Driver License Renewal in Viña del Mar a Hassle

Chile’s bureaucracy might be the only thing more odious to Americans and Western Europeans than Chileans’ lying, cheating and stealing. Hassles with doing one’s driver license renewal in Viña del Mar is one clear-cut example. All permanent residents and citizens of Chile must obtain a driver license. Even after twenty-two years of Chilean residency, I still get surprised […]

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Chilean Baptists and the State

Baptists have always existed and flourished—independent of the state—and therefore are natural libertarians; thus making the new Independence Party (Partido Independencia) in Chile appropriate for promoting their ideals. In the British colonies before the founding of the United States of America, Baptists opposed (1) paying taxes to build churches for Anglicans, Congregationalists, etc., (2) the obligation to request […]

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An Error in the Thinking of Twentieth-Century Chilean Baptists about the State

Consider the following affirmation—what I would argue is an incredible error—written in the Chilean Baptist monthly publication La Voz Bautista (The Baptist Voice) during World War II (September 1943, exact author unknown, page 13). (Note that all italics in the following quotations were added by the blog software and were not contained in the original Spanish, translated into […]

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First Southern Baptist Missionaries to Chile (1917-1926): Ten Americans and One Scot Turning in Their Graves!

Modern Chilean Baptists have fallen a long way from their missionary predecessors, at least in terms of the quality of their service, Calvinistic soteriology and biblical church practices. The initial missionaries that came to Chile from 1917 to 1926 were conservative theologically, very libertarian in their quest to separate church and state, and far more […]

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A Grateful Immigrant

Some people are surprised to learn that not only did I immigrate to Chile, but I also renounced my American citizenship after I became a Chilean. Indeed, I prefer freedom, and with all its faults Chile is an even freer place than the United States of America. I do not mean to say that the Chilean […]

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Early Chilean Baptists Supported by Libertarian Ones from America

The early Baptists that arrived in Chile likely brought with them some strong libertarian tendencies. Virginian Baptists were the first Americans to support Chilean Baptists works in 1917. Accordingly, there was probably a tacit link with to the influential activism of Pastor John Leland, who preached thousands of sermons in Virginia and took an activist role in […]

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